Kids Corner
Each week that we are all socially distancing from one another we will host our own Online Sunday School.

We started a new media station: KWLJ (Kids Who Love Jesus) that will present a new video each Sunday for the children of our church. 

The lessons will be fun and will continue to make sure everyone learns how much Jesus loves them and wants to be part of their life.

"Walking with Jesus"

April 19, 2020
Second Sunday After Easter

Pastor Jim and Jack went on a long hike on a well marked trail. They stop and tell us everything we need to bring on a hike so that everyone has fun, and stays safe. We learn that by following the markers, and bringing the right things is like being a follower of Jesus. We need to pay attention to the trail markers that tell us where to go, (the Bible) We need to bring enough water to stay hydrated (to care for ourselves), first aid kit (take care of each other too.)


APRIL 12, 2020

Usually, we paint Easter eggs every year but there were no eggs left in the store. This year we paint "Kindness Rocks" instead. We paint a kind word and decorate all kinds of rocks. We hide the rocks so that someone who needs a kind word will find them! We pray together to ask Jesus to help everyone who needs His love, forgiveness and kindness in their lives. We learn today how we can help Jesus as his disciples who spread His message of love.
Our Sunday School Video for

Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020

"Watch Your Words!"

Today we find Pastor Jim and Jack are up early and brushing their teeth. They are talking about how Jesus spoke to everyone in the same way. He was always kind and helpful. Even when someone was not being so nice to Jesus!

Sometimes the words we speak are kind, helpful and loving. But sometimes when we are mad or unhappy our words may not be so nice and may hurt another person's feelings.

In the Bible, the Book of Proverbs (21:23)  tells us when we are careful with our words we will be happy, but the person who uses their words in a mean way will always be getting into trouble. 

We will see what happens with the toothpaste after Jack gets his hands on it, and learn a very important lesson about how God wants us to speak to one another all the time!

5th Sunday of Lent,
March 29th

Our Children's Message:

"Baking Cookies"

Pastor Jim and Jack are making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. They are using different kinds of ingredients, oil, eggs, flour, vanilla, sugar and chocolate chips. We know that not all of the ingredients taste very good by themselves.

When the Apostle Paul write his letter to the Romans 8:28, he told them that God takes everything and makes something very good! Just like the cookies, they are made of things that taste good and some not so great.

Sometimes good and wonderful things happen to us. We go to a birthday party, or a sleepover at a friends house. We get a good report card and win a trophy from our sports team. But other times bad things happen. Maybe we get in trouble for not cleaning our room. Mom makes something for dinner that we don't really like. It rains when we want to go outside and play.

Well God puts everything together, like we do in a big mixing bowl making cookies, and He makes good things happen. It might be raining and our room might be messy. But what if we cleaned our room and then your family all played a game together? That would be awesome and remind us that God is always making good things happen!