Advent Season 2019

Advent 2019 Sermon Series

4 Weeks to Discover and Live God’s Vision for Your Life!
One of the best-loved hymns in history, “Joy to the World,” turns 300 this year. In 1719, Rev. Isaac Watts, A Congregational Minister, penned this beautiful song based on Psalm 98, and we have been singing it at Christmastime in faith communities all around the world for three centuries. That makes this year a special occasion!

Our Advent Sermon Series “Heaven and Nature Sing” will take us on an Advent journey looking at several different ways that we can experience the deepest desires and ambitions that God has for your life. You won’t want to miss a single week as each sermon builds on the other to create a portrait of what your life could look like if you provided a wider space for God.
First Sunday of Advent
December 1, 2019
"Let every heart prepare Him room"
Sermon: You Are Never Alone

Second Sunday of Advent
December 8, 2019
"While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains repeat the sounding joy"
Sermon: Center Your Life Around God

Third Sunday of Advent
December 15, 2019
"No more let sins and sorrows grow, nor thorns infest the ground"
Sermon: Choosing Between Goods

Fourth Sunday of Advent
December 22, 2019
  "He rules the world with Truth and Grace"
Sermon: Walk Boldly in Peace