Advent Season 2018
 At this time of the year, we are all scrambling to prepare for the Christmas season, and we have an awful lot to do. But what if the most important thing that happens this Christmas isn’t something we do, but a question we ask? 

3 Reasons Christmas Is The Perfect Time

To Invite Someone To Church:

# 1 

Christmas spirit already has people doing things they wouldn’t normally do. Only at Christmas do we see penny-pinchers digging in their pockets for change to give to the Salvation Army representative merrily ringing the bell outside the store. For the sake of Christmas, estranged family members will try to extend forgiveness to one another.  Research shows most people would come to church if someone they knew just asked, and people are more receptive to going to church at Christmas than other times of the year. More than any other time of year people are willing to try something new, making it one of the best opportunities to invite someone to church.
# 2

By nature, people are curious. Around the world, people will flock to churches on Christmas leaving others to wonder, “What’s all the hype about?” Never underestimate the amount of desire a little curiosity can spark. Luke 2:15-16 says that when the shepherds heard about Jesus’ birth they said to one another, “‘Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened…’ so they hurried off and found Mary, Joseph and the baby who was lying in a manger.” Curiosity is what led the shepherds to meet Jesus, and curiosity could be what leads the people you invite to meet Jesus as well.

# 3

3. Many people all around us are in desperate need of good news and great joy. Every day people are faced with staggering circumstances, and Christmastime is no exception. Marriages end, loved ones pass away, and devastating test results come back. For many, the future seems bleak and hearts are broken. Often, people who are hurting feel like the church isn’t for them. Yet on the first Christmas, those who were frightened and in desperate need of good news and great joy were addressed directly:

In Luke 2:10-11 the angel announced, “Do not be afraid. I bring you 
good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born…”. This Christmas, we have the opportunity to introduce those who are hurting to the same Savior. We can invite people to a place where they can meet the God who acknowledges their greatest fears, sees their deepest longings and sent His Son to save us. Whether someone comes to church out of curiosity, a willingness to try something new, or desperation for a Savior, it could be your invitation that leads someone to meet Jesus! 

How can you invite someone?

Over the next four Sundays of the Advent Season, you will find two postcard invitations: "Unwrap Christmas" inside of your Worship Bulletin. These invites are not for you! They are for you to extend, send, or place in the hand of a family member, the mailbox of a neighbor, or the desk of a co-worker. It's easy, you do not have to say anything witty or clever, just let the invitation card speak for itself. If you need more cards we have them! Simply give Pastor Jim a call on his cell and he will get them right to you! We all start with two cards, surely we all know at least two people who do not have a church home and would greatly benefit from reconnecting with Jesus!